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Friday, December 21, 2007

virgin girl

I am Jayalaxmi. This is a start of a 'series' involving me and my escapades.

My overall story is a wierd one, it is all about how a conservative young Brahmin girl became a sex bomb and a socialite moulded into sex and everything around offering sexual excitement.

It all began in a year when I was just 18 years old- budding young college girl whose breasts were grown well enough and were shooting out with hair on the cuntal surroundings still a virginal bush- hadn't started to shave yet.

My father used to work for the Railways and I was the younger of the two sisters.

We were in Kakinada, a small town in Andhra on the southern coast of India. I used to wear half sarees over a colourful petticoat and would wear neat silky blouses with touchy touchy slips inside. My boobs were very handful,sexy at that time and they had the necessary effect on men.

The place where we used to stay was a kind of big house divided into 3 partitions, the middle portion was occupied by the owners (5 brothers - all married excepting for the last 2 - Bhagwan and Pandu) and the other side by another tenant ( a young couple). The back yard of the house was common and there was a small cowshed - not in use any more. The bathrooms were uncovered and no roof, barely concealed within a mud wall. The lavatories were common and just 2 in number. There was a common water pump for all the people near to the bathrooms and all of us would fill water and take it for whatever it was needed .

Bhagwan was a ugly looking fellow in his twenties those days and used to eye me lewdly. I never understood in those days what it meant but surely it was enough to make my pussy tingle and make my nipple harden. It was now that I realize how much he was in hunger for my body. I used to get up early in the morning to prepare myself for the college and he would be up and waiting near the hand pump and try and touch me wherever possible. I never minded his advances but one day my mother noticed it and admonished me about being any where near to him.

She also spoke to him and counselled him for his age and told him to behave himself.

Bhagwan became okay for some days- but he had ignited the seed of 'pleasure' within me. I wanted him to feel me and make me feel happy and of course though not very knowledgeable about sex, I knew it to be a pleasurable act. I had seen my mother and father enjoying sometimes and been privy to their bed creaking in the middle of the night.

One day it happened - my mother and sister had to go out with the owners' wives for a function and only the mother of all brothers(owners) was at home. Bhagwan was with my father playing chess and after some time my father went away to the station for his night duty. Bhagwan saw his chance and went into the cowshed and called me over there. The moment I entered the cowshed, Bhagwan who was a short statured guy pounced on me and remove my short saree leaving me on the dry grass only in my petticoat and silk blouse.

Don't be silly," I giggled, feeling his hand cupping my full tit through the thin material of my blouse.

I was not used to all this and it was my first time with a man. I did not know what this is going to do to me - but I was enjoying it all. I was not wearing a bra, and really quivered with joy as he grasped my lush tits, tenderly teasing and squeezing the erect nipples between his fingers. As he gently toyed with the sensitive titty-buds through the silky cloth, I suddenly started to ground my smoldering crotch up against his.

This was something I'd never done before and it was wildly erotic to feel his cock throbbing through our clothes against my pussy, once more giving me that wild desire to touch his prick.

"Oh, Bhagwan," I whispered that evening, alone with him in the cowshed with his mother inside their house.

I groaned very weakly when he forced me down to lie on the grass mat and shoved his thick middle finger on my crotch putting his hands through under the petticoat, over my feet and legs, I was not wearing any covering over the pussy and could just manage to utter,"Please don't touch me down there."

"Please don't," I continued arguing feebly, writhing my body up against him as I felt his blunt finger easing into the piping hotness of my young cunt.My entire body was quivering with excitement as the invading finger slithered farther up into the hot slickness of the hot twat.

"Oh, you shouldn't," I whispered, clinging tightly to Bhagwan when he began rhythmically pumping his finger in and out between the juicy folds of my hot dripping cuntlips. "That isn't nice.", I said opening my mouth and looking into his eyes dreamily.

Bhagwan put his other hand on my mouth and inserted a finger in between my teeth,"But I'll bet it feels good," he panted excitedly.

I was exhilirated and excited beyond control and giggled "It does," grinding my twat around his finger.

"But we shouldn't be doing this.", I tried to caution him vainly.

Removing his finger from my slippery pussy, he hooked his thumbs into the waist rope of my petticoat, and when I obligingly arched my hips up, he undid the knot and pulled them down over my ass and hips,dropping them onto the floor.

I couldn't understand why I'd allowed him to do it, let alone assisting him, but when my little virginal cunt was fully exposed, a delicious thrill raced through my loins. This was the first time a boy had ever gazed at my twat and I was finding it extremely exciting.

"Oh, Bhagwan," I sobbed when he began thrusting his finger in and out of the sexy juicy young slit. "That feels good."

He was pretty old and later I learnt that he was used to sleeping with prostitutes, so I was a fresh one for him. He asked me "How do you like this?" grinning as he began lightly to rub my clit.

I had no option but to shriek and shout "Oh, God! I love it! I love it!"

Knowing that I was an inexperienced girl and was on the verge of a wild climax, he removed his finger from the clit to postpone my orgasm, and then he plunged it deep into the clinging hotness of my dripping cunt. I knew it was wrong, but it was bringing me more intense pleasure than I'd ever experienced.

In the cool confines of my bed I had occasionally fingered myself off, but it was nothing compared to this.

Bhagwan continued his delicious thrusts, and finally I lost all shame.

I spread my lovely thighs as far as possible, giving him complete access to the hot dripping slit.

"Oh, lover!" I cried out loudly when the delicious ecstasy mounted in my flaming loins. "It's so good ... so good!"

Because of my infrequent experiences with masturbation, I realized how rapidly I was approaching an orgasm.

Grasping him tightly in my arms, I covered his lips with my hot open mouth. Our slippery tongues passionately entwined as I further opened my thighs even wider so as not to obstruct the delicious strokes of his juice-coated finger.

I was out of control, "Oh, God!" I panted. "Faster, my love, faster!"

I was now frantically grinding my loins up to meet every lusty plunge of Bhagwan's middle finger as my naked little ass writhed around on the grassy cushion in wild little circles, the joy increasing through my entire body.

"Oh, Bhagwan!" I screamed, grasping at his hard cock through the material of his 'lungi'(dress wear in South India). "I'm going to erupt, darling! Something is happening to me, something is coming out of my cunt, come, come come!"

Bhagwan was a clever bastard, "Good!" he panted, vigorously rubbing my pussy all over. "Let yourself go!", he whispered into my ears, starting to eat my lovely lips with his ugly mouth.

I removed his mouth from my lips and "Ooooooooooh, Maaaaaaaaaaa!" I cried out, and my entire young body trembled with the wild spasms of a violent orgasm. "I'm coming! Coming! COMING!"

It was several moments before I finally gained control of myself.

"Oh God Krishna," I whispered, still clinging to Bhagwan's hard cock through his 'lungi'. "I've never felt anything so neat."

Feeling his thick rod throbbing against her hand through his lungi, I once more had a wild desire to see and touch his 'lingam'(naked dong).

"Bh-Bhagwan," I stammered. "May I see your lingam?"

What?" he gasped, Bhagwan was unable to believe that I would ask such a question.

"May I see your lingam?" I repeated.

My eyes were amazed when they first focussed on his shiny cockhead, and then traveled down the thickness of his throbbing shaft to the dirty balls that were covered with a growth of dark, crinkly hair.

I had a general idea of what I was going to see, but the shape of his prick thoroughly shocked me. Staring at it, I couldn't imagine how anything that size could ever fit into a pussy.

"Touch it," he encouraged me, sitting down on the dry grass beside me, his growing cock spearing up from between his legs.

I was totally mesmerised and when timidly I made no move, Bhagwan tenderly took my hand and wrapped my fingers around the hard hotness of his throbbing shaft.

"God," I gasped as my trembling fingers clung to the thick dirtiness of his cock. "It feels all hot and funny, but I am starting to like it.Why does it smell so pungent? "

"Jaya " he panted excitedly. "Will you bring me off?"

"How do I do it?" I asked.

"Like this," said Bhagwan, wrapping my fingers around his stiff rod again. "Just slide my foreskin up and down over my cock."

After Bhagwan guided my hand up and down over his prick a few times, I soon had the knack of it and found it wildly exciting to see the young man jerking and twisting in ecstasy. I soon discovered that when I occasionally changed the rhythm and speed of my strokes, it seemed to further excite him.

"Oh, Jayalaxmi my darling," he panted, writhing around crazily on the dry grass.

Grasping the base of his thick 'lingam' in my hand, I began instinctively teasing his sensitive cockhead against my soft cheeks, under my chin, against my ears and even through my long dark braided set of hair.

"Oh God!" Bhagwan was going crazy- he did not expect that from me. "That feels so fucking good."

"I'm glad," was my answer smiling wickedly at him.

I was starting to thoroughly enjoy Bhagwan's big hard cock.

Looking up at his face, I resumed gently stroking his delicious hard-on, and I could see his eyes rolling up crazily at the cowshed's thatched roof as his panting mouth gaped open. A feeling of power flowed through me and my body, when I realized the intense pleasure a woman could bring to a man.

I soon found that when I rapidly stroked him, Bhagwan began lurching wildly, and when I slowed it down to practically nothing, he begged for more. From what I had read and heard, I knew that his cock would eventually shoot out a whole lot of liquid and then go limp, so I was trying to postpone this as much as possible, wanting his dirty but wonderful 'lingam' to stay hard.

I learnt to tease him up to the point where his writhing body told me he was about to climax, then I'd let him slide slowly back, only to bring him close to it time after time again.

"Please, Jayalaxmi!" he begged when I once more released his cock, knowing he was about to explode his load. "Don't stop, Jaya lanja(slut in Telugu)! For God's sake, bring me off! I'm almost there--almost there!"

"I know, lanja kodaka (son of a bitch)," I whispered. "But take it easy for a minute."

Writhing around on the prickly dry grass on the muddy floor inside the cowshed, Bhagwan was almost out of his mind from the delicious pleasure my soft hands were giving him.

Completely carried away by the joy of playing with his cock, I dropped to the floor in front of him. Kneeling between his outstretched legs, I could see his big lusty balls exposed between his open thighs. The sight of the thick hair and crumpled skin of his nut-sacks made my wet little cunt tingle with excitement.

Still stroking his throbbing prick-shaft with my one hand, I slowly eased the free one under his balls, and gently cupping the underside of his ball in my palm, began tenderly massaging his nuts with my fingers.

"Oh, shit!" he gasped with joy. "That's it, lanja(slut)! Bring me off- fast".

"You really want it?" I whispered, happy that I could bring him such obvious pleasure.

"AAAAAAUUUUGGGHH!" he roared when the hot white stream of sperm gushed out of his exploding cockhead, splattering all over my hair, face and over the blouse.

I had been waiting for the load to come out, but wasn't prepared for the huge amount of it.

When he collapsed back on the grass, I stared with unbelieving eyes as spurt after spurt came onto his lower stomach from his prick. With my face and upper body completely drenched with his sperm juice, I began massaging it into my skin through the blouse.

I was completely aroused by the excitement of his ejaculation, my pussy was dripping with lust.

"God, that was neat,but you look very dirty, how will you manage this blouse- it has become so dirty" Bhagwan finally spoke, taking my spermed body into his arms and pressing it against his.

"Get me a towel somehow and I will manage, but I'm glad," I whispered as our mouths melted together in a hot passionate kiss.


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