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Khmmam nundi hyderabad ki veluthunnanu abba train lo godava godava ga undi naaku chala chirakuga undi kaneesam kurchovadam ki seat ledu nunchodanniki kuda stalam ledu .naa pakkana kurchoni unna vaallanu chusi naaku eershya vachindi. inthalo naa eyes okari pyena paddai ade aunty vayasu 36Yrs untai chusthunte manchi kasi ga undi dhani sallu untai konaseeema kobbari bondallu ga unnai ika neenu andarini tappinchukoni aunty paakka ku vellanu neenu aunty sallu thappa emi chuda daluchukoledu evaraina nannu chsthunnara anna vishayam kuda marichi poyanu . aunty naa vypu gamanisthune undi nenu pattinchukoledu ap.................http://indianromanticstories.blogspot.in/2008/04/viraham-theerindi-telugu.html

Friday, September 14, 2007

first night sex

I was made to wear the traditional white Saree and carry a plate of fruits to the bedroom, where my husband was already waiting for me. told earlier in part one, I was actually shaking when I entered the room. My husband was sitting on the bed, reading a magazine. When I entered the room, he quietly got up, went to the door and latched it. He then returned to where I was standing took the plate of fruits in my hand and kept them on a table. Then he caught my arm and led me to the marriage bed and made me sit down.
He then asked me, ' Mona, are you afraid ? '
I said, ' Yes '
He asked me, ' Why ? What are you afraid of ? I am your husband. Am I not ? '
I said, ' Yes, but I do not know you and I am seeing you now only for the fourth time in my life ! '
He said, ' Dont worry, you will know me in due course. But before that, now you start calling me by my name - Vishal. To-night is a very special night in our lives, I want to make it memorable for both of us ! ' I just kept silent - not knowing what to do or say.
He then asked me, ' Mona, do you know what happens on a wedding night ? '
We are supposed to talk, eat these fruits and then go to sleep ? '
He started laughing, ' No ! No ! My dear wife, No ! Tonight is the night, where I will discover your lovely body. Tonight is the night, you are supposed to give yourself to me. To-night is the night when I am supposed to see and touch you in all your exotic spots. Tonight is the night when I am supposed to have the pleasure of your lovely body during the night. And to-night is the night I am supposed to give you un-known thrilling pleasures. Do you know why your mother has made you wear this white saree ? '
I said, ' No '
He said, ' They want to see the blood ! '
I asked ' Vishal - ji, What blood ? '
He said, ' The blood that you will bleed, when I take your virginity '
I started shivering at his words and said, ' Oh God Vishal - ji, I am afraid '
As I was very frightened now, I said, ' Vishalji, I am very frightened and also tired now. Can you please do all what you said on another night ? '
He said, ' No Mona, To-night is our wedding night ! I want to do it tonight. We must do it to-night. It has to a memorable night for us. You will also enjoy. Dont be afraid. '
I was a nervous wreck now, I pleaded ' Vishal - ji, please do not get angry. You do whatever you wish with me. Take your pleasure please ! '

He then pulled me closer to him and said more kindly, ' Mona, come here to me ' so saying he pulled me very close to him. He started kissing me on my lips. His tongue started probing deep into my mouth. He started rubbing his hands all over me. His tongue started playing with my tongue and slowly he pulled my tongue into his mouth and started sucking on it. He then started kissing me on my neck and even started licking my ear lobes. He took my arm and put it over his pajama and on his organ. I flinched with embarrassment and pulled my hand away. Biting my neck, he whispered, ' Mona Darling, why did you pull off your hands ? Come touch me there. I love being touched there. Come On ! Just keep your hands on my cock and caress it gently thru' my pajamas ' So saying, he once again took my arm and put it over his pajama and on his organ. I was very embarrassed now. But I kept my hands over his pajama and started slowly rubbing his shorts. I was shocked to see that it almost appeared as if I was touching some huge appendage there !

He now pulled off my saree palloo and started fondling my breasts thru' my blouse, saying ' Oh Mona, you have such lovely firm breasts. I have simply fallen in love with your boobs. I am going to suck them all night ! ' So saying, he started un-hooking my blouse and disrobing my saree. Slowly he peeled off my blouse and pulled off my saree. I was now left in my petticoat and bra. He made me stand up right in front of him and started staring at me. He said, ' Mona Darling, I must be the most luckiest man to have such a lovely wife, having such a sexy body, whose virginity I am going to take now ! ' He then asked me ' Mona Dear, are you wet in your cunt ? ' I was totally shocked at his question and too embarrassed to even answer. I simply covered my face with my hands.

Slowly he made me lie down on our bed. He started fondling my breasts and kissing me once again. He then unhooked my bra and started playing with my breasts. He started squeezing my breasts with his bare rough hands. He then put his mouth on my nipples and started sucking on them. I was getting all kinds of pleasant sensations that I had never felt before in my life. He then removed his clothes and pulled down his shorts. I was totally shocked aghast when I saw his organ. It was very big. I had never before seen a grown man with an erect penis. But now I was seeing this huge organ. It was around eight inches in length and about three inches in thickness. It was throbbing. I was now really frightened. My husband told me, ' Mona, hold it in your hands. ' I fearfully held it.

He looked at me and laughed. He then continued his kissing and licking of my neck, breasts and nipples and navel. He now slowly loosened the knot on my petticoat and pulled it off me. He then removed my panty too. I was shivering with fear now. He started kissing and licking my whole body... my neck, lips, cheeks, breasts, nipples, armpits, arms, tummy, navel, buttocks, thighs, calves. He started biting my body. His passion seemed to be climbing and he seemed to be possessed. In the passion, his teeth were sinking deeply into my neck, breasts, thighs, buttocks etc. It was paining me, but I bore it quietly in order not to put his mood off. Finally, he continued his kissing right down and then put his mouth on my vagina. I have never shaved my vagina and it was very thick with hair. He seemed to love my vagina hair. He started playing with it. I was quivering with pleasurable sensations. He started giving me a most sensuous sucking. His tongue darted in and out of my vagina like lightening.. ! Occasionally he would touch the tip of his tongue to my vagina. I was so excited and started panting in heat.
Then he told me, ' Mona, now its your turn ! ' I was confused and did not know what he wanted. I asked him, ' Vishal - Ji what do you want me to do ? ' He looked at me and said, ' I was sucking your hot hairy cunt is it not ? You felt nice - is it not ? ' I said ' Yes ' He said, ' I now want you to suck my hot throbbing cock and give me similar pleasure ! ' I was shocked. I did not imagine that wives had to take and suck their husband's penises to give them pleasure. But as he seemed to be in the heat of his passion, I agreed. He brought his huge monster penis to my mouth and thrust it in. I simply had to stretch my mouth to maximum limits to accommodate it. He then caught my head with his hands and started moving my head up and down over his throbbing penis. He did not even realize that I was almost gagging. He continued using my mouth almost as if it was a vagina ! His passion was now at extreme levels. Finally, he slowed down and took his penis out of my mouth.

I was trembling with fear and closed my eyes. I told him quietly, ' Vishal-Ji please be slow. Please dont hurt me ! '

He said, ' My Darling, dont worry. You will feel some pain, when I enter and especially when my cock is breaking your hymen. But trust me darling. The pain will go away in some time and you will begin to enjoy. OK ? Do not worry my love. I will handle you as delicately as possible. ' I closed my eyes and fearfully waited for the onslaught of his huge organ into my delicate and virgin vagina.

He now further raised my thighs and separated them as wide apart as possible and put them over his shoulders. He started slowly pushing his massive throbbing organ into my small vagina. I was feeling as if a huge pole was slowly being entered into me. Slowly it went in inch by inch. I was now feeling my vagina stretched to the limits. It went inside more. I started feeling pain. As he kept up the pressure and started pushing it more and more it started paining me acutely. I was now sweating profusely in pain. I asked him to stop as it was paining me too much. He replied ' Darling, my cock is only quarter in. Dont worry, I will just keep my cock in with out pushing further. I will not push it for a few seconds to allow your cunt to adjust to it. Tell me when you are ready and then I shall resume thrusting it in. '

I was in great pain. But though he did not move as promised and it had helped against increasing the pain, yet the pain was not going away. I told him, ' Vishal-ji, the pain is not going away. Please remove it for some time. '

He said, ' No Mona, if I remove it and put it back in, you will only feel more pain and the pain will never go away. I am going to just be still with my cock inside you. Try to relax and adjust. Let me know when you are ready and I will try to push more of my cock in your tiny cunt ' I kept silent and tried to relax. After a minute, he asked me, ' Darling shall I thrust into you now ? '

Though, I was still sweating in pain, I could see that he was trying to be patient. I was also afraid of putting his mood off. So, I said ' Yes Vishal-Ji, I am ready now '

He suddenly plunged his cock into me in one great big thrust. I screamed with pain. He patted my cheek saying, ' Mona, only 2 more inches to go darling ! '

Though I wanted to bear the new pain, I simply could not. I started crying. I pleaded, ' Vishal-ji No ! I cant bear this anymore. You have torn me apart already. Please dont hurt me more. Please Vishal-ji, remove your organ from me. It is paining too much. My vagina is feeling as if it will split now ! Please Vishal-ji !

He was now in extreme passion. He responded by giving his penis a massive shove and plunging the balance of his organ deep into my vagina. I screamed and started profusely crying with pain. My husband now stopped all movements. His entire organ was embedded into my tender vagina. he now allowed my body to adjust to his monstrous penis. After about 2 - 3 minutes, the pain began to subside. I felt something sticky flowing out of my vagina. I asked him, ' Vishal-ji, I am feeling something hot and sticky down there now ! '

He said, ' My sweet innocent darling, that is your blood. You are bleeding in your cunt now, as your hymen is broken. You are no longer a virgin. I have taken your virginity darling ! Dont worry, the bleeding will automatically stop. OK ? '
I said ' OK '
My husband then asked me, ' Darling are OK now ? '
Though I was still in pain, I realized that my pain was fast subsiding. I said ' Yes '
He then caught my thighs with his hands and separated them still wider. he now started stroking his organ into me. His thrusts gradually grew faster and faster. His passion was also growing more and more rapidly. He started biting my lips and breasts as he was thrusting into me. His bites became severe causing me pain. He continued thrusting his penis into me with more and more force and speed. Slowly my vagina was getting used to his organ. His thrusts had become so forceful and fast that he was almost ramming into me. My whole body was moving up and down and our bed was creaking with every thrust.

He increased his force and speed all the more, causing my body to shake violently up and down with each thrust. The bed was virtually bobbing with his thrusts now. My husband kept up his strokes for almost 15 - 20 minutes. He then said, ' Mona Darling, Get ready for the first semen of your husband into your cunt. I am now going to cum into your hot tight and hairy cunt ! I am going to fill your cunt with my seed. I want you to get pregnant right away and give me a baby. In fact I am going to empty so much of my semen into your cunt, that you will have to bear twins or triplets. I want you to take each and every drop of my spunk in your hot cunt ! OK ? '

I said, ' Yes ! Vishal-ji I will bear you lots of babies ! '

My husband then started getting frantic and desperate in his strokes. As he was nearing his climax his thrusts were almost flinging me a couple of inches up and down on the bed. The bed made so much noise that I am sure that half our family members could hear in detail what my husband was doing to me. Finally, he screamed, ' Mona, Darling..... I am. ... cuuuummmmiiinnngggg g ! Ahhhhhh..... Ahhhhhhh.... Daaaarrrrllllllllii innnngggggggg. ... and started ejaculating his hot semen deep into my vagina. He kept thrusting his penis into me, while he was ejaculating. He ejaculated almost for a minute into my vagina. Then with a final push, he emptied himself of his last drop of semen into me and collapsed over me, crushing my body with his weight. Due to the pain, I had absolutely not enjoyed this sex. But I was happy that he had enjoyed by taking my virginity and then by ejaculating his semen into my vagina. His semen was started overflowing and trickling down.

He rolled off me and looked at me with wonder in his eyes. Then he noticed drops of his semen trickling down out of my vagina. He immediately pushed a pillow under my buttocks and told me, ' Darling, I do not want a single drop spilling out of your cunt. Just lift yourself and adjust in such a way, that my semen remains in your cunt. I want you to really get pregnant with lots of babies. OK Darling ? '

I said, ' OK Vishal-ji ' lifted myself and adjusted my body in such a way that his semen remained in me. My vagina was feeling really full.

He asked me, ' Mona, you did not get an orgasm. Did you not enjoy ? '

I said, ' Vishal-ji it was the pain. But dont worry. I am happy that I was able to give you so much pleasure to you. '

He said, ' Mona Darling, you have been wonderful. I have absolutely enjoyed taking your virginity. WoW.... amazing how you silently bore the pain for my pleasure. But, dont worry, I will make sure that you get your pleasure shortly. OK ?'

It was almost 3.30 a.m. He pulled me close to him, tenderly caught my breasts and we finally fell asleep in each other's arms, totally naked, sweating and tired.[/i][/i][/b][/color][/size][/font]
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